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General Questions

+ I'm a pilot and would like to apply at JetBlue. Tell me about the process.

Our first officer application window opens 2–3 weeks each year. Create a profile on our JetBlue Careers portal to be notified of when the application window opens.

  1. Once the application window is open, review the job description to be sure that you meet the minimum first officer qualifications.
  2. Submit your online application.
  3. Participate in a phone interview. If that goes well, you will be invited to attend an interview to learn more about our JetBlue culture, and share your aviation skills and experiences.
  4. If selected, candidates must pass a background screening before receiving a formal job offer.
  5. Once cleared, new first officers are scheduled to attend orientation and training at JetBlue University in Orlando!

+ Where in your network are pilot jobs located?

Once hired, first officers are assigned (and must either relocate or commute) to one of five bases: BOS (Boston), FLL (Fort Lauderdale), JFK (New York), LGB (Long Beach) or MCO (Orlando).

+ I'm a JetBlue pilot and I'd like to offer a reference to a fellow pilot applying to the company. How do I do it?

If you would like to refer a candidate, please provide them with a written letter prior to the submission of their application. The letter can be uploaded and attached to their application when they apply, as we do consider referrals in the selection process.

+ I’ve applied before but haven’t been invited to an interview. Should I apply again in the future or will you keep my resume on file?

JetBlue receives a large volume of applications during the application period. If you have applied before and are interested in a position at JetBlue, please resubmit during future application periods so that you remain current in the process. When you resubmit these items you can be assured that we are looking at your most recent and most competitive resume.

+ What are JetBlue's minimum experience and qualifications for pilot hiring?

For a complete list of qualifications, please review the qualifications during the application process. Some of the qualifications include:

  • 1500 hours total time in airplanes (including turbine Helicopter, excluding Simulator, Flight Engineer)
  • 500 hours in fixed wing airplanes
  • Recency of flight experience will be considered
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certification
  • Current FAA Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • Ability to obtain a Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Radio License
  • Valid Passport with the ability to travel in and out of the United States
  • Three reference letters from Pilots who can personally attest to the candidate’s flying skills (must bring originals to interview)
  • High School Diploma or General Education Development (GED) Diploma

+ What are JetBlue's preferred qualifications for pilot hiring?

  • Greater than 1,000 hours turbine PIC
  • Greater than 1,000 hours in more sophisticated aircraft utilizing Electronic Flight Instrument Systems (EFIS), Flight Management Systems (FMS)
  • Recency of experience (Greater than 200 hours within the last 12 months)
  • Bachelor’s Degree

University Gateway Program

+ Who do I speak with to apply?

Contact your university's career services office to get started.

+ How are students selected to enter the University Gateway Program?

Candidates are selected by review of application and an interview. If selected, these students will be entered into JetBlue’s University Gateway Program.

+ Who can I turn to if I have questions or need help during the Program?

Once in the Program you will be assigned a mentor that will guide you throughout the process and help you to reach your goal of becoming a JetBlue pilot.

+ What types of things do I need to accomplish in the University Gateway Program?

You will be required to successfully complete a number of programs and activities to complete the Program, including an internship, flight instruction and time at a regional airline. Your mentor will help guide you through each step of the process.

+ How long is the University Gateway Program and what happens during each stage of the Program?

The Program spans seven years. During this time, the student will graduate from the AABI Accredited University, become a Certified Flight Instructor at the student’s university, fly as a Captain for Cape Air or Express Jet to gain flight time and valuable pilot in command experience and then concludes with a guaranteed interview with JetBlue.

+ Am I guaranteed a job at JetBlue if I enroll in the University Gateway Program?

While not a guarantee of a job as a pilot at JetBlue, most students chosen for entry into the University Gateway Program should successfully pass all phases of the Program and will be strong candidates for selection as a JetBlue pilot.


Gateway Select

+ What is Gateway Select?

It is an innovative JetBlue program, which trains aspiring pilots for a career at JetBlue.

+ Why is the Program different from other pilot training programs?

The Program offers the unique opportunity to complete all phases of pilot training with JetBlue. Having looked at some of the best commercial and military pilot training programs in the world, we are pleased to offer JetBlue’s Program participants the chance to learn how to fly complex aircraft using JetBlue standards from the beginning. This allows for a more seamless transition to a JetBlue First Officer position once all mandated requirements are met. In fact, the offer of an E190 First Officer position at JetBlue is made at the beginning of the Program contingent on the successful completion of the Program.



+ Who can apply for the Program?

We encourage candidates to apply who meet the minimum requirements, are passionate about flying for JetBlue, and who embody the JetBlue values of Safety, Caring, Integrity, Passion, and Fun.

Review the Gateway Select Eligibility Requirements

+ I am a citizen of a country outside of the United States. Am I eligible to apply?

The intent of the Gateway Select Program is to place successful candidates in First Officer positions with JetBlue. Under current U.S. law, there are no appropriate employment-based visa categories that would permit JetBlue to offer immigration-related sponsorship for this position.

+ Is a college degree required to apply for Gateway Select?

While a degree is not required to apply for the Program, a 4-year degree is a preferred qualification.

+ How long does it take to complete Gateway Select?

The Program takes approximately 4 years to complete.

+ Is there a fee to apply to Gateway Select?

There is no application fee. However, for those that progress to the second phase of the process which includes an assessment, there is a $200 fee that covers the cost of the assessment.

+ When can I submit an application and when will training start?

We will open the application window for the first class in March 2016 and training will begin later in 2016.

+ What happens after I submit my application?

After all applications are reviewed, qualified and competitive applicants will be moved to the second phase of the process, the assessment test.

+ Will I get to see my assessment results?

While detailed results are not released, candidates who complete the assessment will be notified whether or not they will move forward in the application process.

+ How many applicants will be accepted into the first class?

We will select 24 candidates from the initial applicant pool.



+ Can pilots with flight experience apply to join Gateway Select?

Yes, however the Program is specifically designed to train candidates with no flight experience.

+ I already have a PPL (or other certifications or instrument ratings). Can I skip some of the training, and thus reduce my cost of training?

All are welcome to apply for the Program, regardless of previous flight experience. However, all Trainees are required to start from the beginning of training, with no waivers for any modules. Thus, all Trainees must complete all modules, including training to obtain a PPL, as well as program-specific instrument ratings.

+ Do I need to be a certain age to be considered for Gateway Select?

Applicants must be 23 years old in order to obtain an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) License, which is required of pilots at carriers like JetBlue. Accordingly, candidates must be at least 19 when they start the approximate four year Program; this way they will reach the FAA mandated age of 23 by the time they are ready to be tested for the ATP.

+ Is age 23 the minimum age or the maximum age for the end of the Program?

The minimum age to apply for the Program is 19. This is because in order for a pilot to obtain an ATP license, which is required to fly for JetBlue, the FAA requires the pilot be at least 23.

+ What is the maximum age for acceptance into the Program?

The only maximum age is the one governed by federal statute. [The FAA requires pilots to be under the age of 65 to fly for an air carrier operated under FAR 121 (such as JetBlue)][0], and this Program takes four years to complete.



+ How do I pay for Gateway Select?

The cost of the Program is approximately $125,000. Payment is due in phases.

+ When are payments for the Program made?

The cost of the Program will be spread out over the first ~15 months, paid in installments at the beginning of each training phase. For the remaining of the four years, Trainees will be salaried employees of our partner, CAE.

+ Can my GI Bill be applied to funding this Program?

The Gateway Select training conducted with our business partner, CAE, is carried out under FAR Part 61. The VA requires a Part 141 training program in order to approve funding through the GI Bill. Thus, the GI Bill cannot be used to fund this training program.

+ What all does the cost of training include?

Your tuition and fees cover all training events and necessary supplies (iPad, flight manuals, etc.). Lodging and transportation are provided for the entirety of your training. Food is provided only during the Foundation Course, which takes place over the first four weeks of training.



+ What happens after I am selected for the Gateway Select Program?

When you are selected for the Gateway Select Program, you will be offered a contract with CAE, our training business partner. Additionally, JetBlue will extend to you a conditional offer of employment valid upon successful completion of the approximate four year Program. We expect to use four separate start dates that span an approximate 12-month period. Although you will have the ability to provide your preference, training commencement will ultimately be a matter of JetBlue’s availability.

+ Am I able to visit the campus prior to joining the Program?

We would be happy to provide accepted cadets with a site visit at either the CAE facility near Phoenix, AZ or the JetBlue facility in Orlando, FL upon request.

+ Do I need to buy a uniform for training?

Each cadet will receive one uniform provided by CAE.

+ Are there other training facility locations around the country?

All training will be completed at the CAE facility near Phoenix, AZ, and in Orlando, FL. No other training locations are available.

+ Do I have to relocate for this program?

Yes. This program is a full-time commitment.

+ Where do I go if I have questions or need help once I’m in training?

The CAE staff and instructors and JetBlue crewmembers and instructors will be available to you. We will also assign you a mentor who can assist you at any time.

+ What if I need additional training?

Your training contract with CAE will stipulate that first-attempt check-rides are included with your tuition, as is 3-percent remediation. What this means is that for every 100 training flight hours, three additional flight hours, if needed, are covered by your fees. Any training required above and beyond that is your financial responsibility.

+ Can you describe the entire sequence of Gateway Select training?

Review the full sequence of training summary: Gateway Select: Phases of Training

+ What are the phases of the training Program?

Similar to what some international carriers and military training programs offer, the Gateway Select participants will learn how to fly complex aircraft using JetBlue standards from the beginning.

  • The Gateway Select Program starts with approximately 15 months of classroom instruction, advanced simulation and flight training to cover fundamental competencies: basic flying skills, crew resource management, multi-engine training, multi-crew training, threat and error management, instrument training, severe weather, and non-normal procedures.
  • Participants will attend an instructor upgrade course to achieve their CFI (instructor) qualifications and ratings. Each will then begin to instruct while accumulating 1,500-hours of flight time, the ATP license requirement. This brings the cadet through to approximately months 40-48 of training.
  • Following that, and assuming successful completion of all Program requirements, participants will become new hire pilots at JetBlue, where they will go through the same orientation and instruction that all new hire pilots complete.

+ Do Gateway Select candidates meet all required FAA regulatory requirements prior to graduation?

Before the first day of employment as a pilot with JetBlue, Gateway Select candidates will meet all of the FAA's regulatory requirements for an Airline Transport Pilot License, to include 1,500 hours of total flight time.

+ Will the graduates receive a restricted Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) license?

No. Trainees who successfully complete the Program will receive an unrestricted ATP license.

+ Can I fail out of the Program?

Yes, you can. Also, to remain in the Program, you must continue to meet original eligibility requirements to have a valid passport and a current FAA Class 1 medical certificate. Tuition for Gateway Select is paid in eight installments. If you are not successful in completing training, you are not required to make any further payments, and any milestones or licenses you’ve earned along the way are yours to keep. However, you will not receive reimbursement for payments made up until the time you exit the program.

+ What aircraft do pilot trainees work toward flying?

The Embraer 190


Transfer Gateway

+ Can crewmembers from other airlines use the Transfer Gateway?

No. This program is intended for JetBlue crewmembers only.

+ What type of credentials must I possess to use the Transfer Gateway?

  • A FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate with Multi-Engine and Instrument Ratings
  • First Class Medical Eligibility
  • A valid U.S. Passport

+ How do I express interest in the Transfer Gateway?

You must be a JetBlue crewmember for a minimum of one year to be considered for the Gateway. You must receive the endorsement of your crewleader, the System Chief Pilot and the Director of Talent Acquisition to begin the process.

+ If I meet the minimum qualifications, am I guaranteed a transfer?

Crewmembers wishing to use the Transfer Gateway must complete the same review and interview process of any qualified pilot applicant.


Instructor Gateway

+ Are all JetBlue crewmembers eligible for the Instructor Gateway?

No. Only crewmembers in a position which justifies the dual role are eligible for this Gateway.

+ What are some examples of positions where the Instructor Gateway might be the right fit?

Most often, candidates for this program come from positions including JetBlue University, Flight Operations Leaders and Safety Leaders (among others).

+ How can I determine if my current role might be eligible for the Instructor Gateway?

Please have a conversation with your crewleader to determine if you may be eligible for this Gateway.


Transition Program

+ Do I need to already have flying experience to be considered for this Gateway?


+ What do I need to do to enter the Transition Gateway?

To be considered for entry in to the Transition Gateway, you must have:

  • First Class Medical
  • A valid U.S. Passport
  • The VP of the crewmember’s current department must approve program entry
  • A minimum of 2 years employment at JetBlue and the applicant must be a crewmember in good standing
  • Prior to resigning, the crewmember must present their flight training plan in front of delegates of the JetBlue Pilot Hiring Committee

+ What happens to my current JetBlue standing when using the Transition Gateway?

Crewmembers who choose to use the Transition Gateway must fully resign from their current JetBlue position to become a pilot with the guarantee of an interview once ready. Employment as a JetBlue pilot is not guaranteed.

+ What is the benefit of using the Transition Gateway when resigning to pursue a pilot career?

The major benefit of the Gateway is that candidates will be guaranteed a JetBlue interview once predetermined flight time and requirements are met.

+ How long am I eligible for a guaranteed interview after beginning the Gateway?

You have up to five years to complete your eligibility requirements.

+ Who will my mentor be?

Mentors for the Transition Gateway will be current JetBlue pilots who are a Transition Gateway graduate.