Blue Dart Referral

This is a formal, internal referral process administered through the Chief Pilot’s office in limited quantities each year. Known among JetBlue pilots as "throwing a Blue Dart," this program allows a JetBlue pilot in possession of a Blue Dart to nominate a candidate to enter the JetBlue First Officer interview process.

The JetBlue pilot holding the Blue Dart must personally know and attest to the intended recipient’s flying skills and character via written recommendation, and be available to the recipient as a mentor for his/her first six months as a crewmember. 


How It Works

If you have a Blue Dart and are interested in using it, you are encouraged to meet with your Base Chief Pilot to review the intended recipient’s candidacy and flight experience before nomination. Blue Darts are not returned should the candidate not advance through the complete interview process. Your Base Chief Pilot can provide additional information on the review process.

The candidate nominated must have an application on file and have satisfactory flight experience. Once the Blue Dart nominee has been selected to enter the process, the remainder of their candidacy mirrors a typical interview process. Candidates must meet all the applicable requirements of the process, including pre-interview, interview, and post-interview selection criteria.

For more information on the program, please email