The Instructor Gateway

Candidates meeting the experience required of JetBlue First Officers and that have passion and aptitude for instruction and evaluation are encouraged to apply for the Instructor Gateway. This Gateway is designed for JetBlue Instructors who want to become JetBlue First Officers while initially remaining in their role as Instructors.


How it Works

Pilots interested in the Instructor Gateway must apply to be a JetBlue flight instructor during an open flight instructor application window. When applying, instructors must also meet the satisfactory minimums of a first officer position at JetBlue. Competitive candidates will be selected based on qualifications.

Chosen candidates will interview for the instructor position, which includes all necessary elements of the first officer position. Once hired as an instructor, the new crewmember must not be placed on progressive guidance at any time. After one year in the instructor role, eligible candidates will be awarded a line seniority number if the individual is: still interested in the dual role, continues to meet the minimum requirements, has crewleader approval, and is not on progressive guidance.

Essential Instructor Responsibilities:

  • Provide flight instruction in a full flight simulator

  • Provide flight instruction in flight training devices

  • Provide ground school instruction in aircraft specific and general pilot operational subjects

  • Assist with courseware development and other collateral duties associated with pilot flight training

Crewmember Profile

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     Meet Shari Christensen, a Boston-based E190 FO who also works at JetBlue University   in Orlando as the E190 Curriculum Supervisor and a Check Airman in the training department. 

Meet Shari Christensen, a Boston-based E190 FO who also works at JetBlue University in Orlando as the E190 Curriculum Supervisor and a Check Airman in the training department. 

How did you learn about the Instructor Gateway Program?

Prior to coming to JetBlue, I learned about the Gateway Program through a friend/co-worker who is an instructor at JetBlue University. As I went through the interview process, I learned even more about the Program, which made the decision to come to JetBlue an even easier one!

Why did you choose JetBlue?

I have followed JetBlue since the beginning, when I was working at an east coast regional airline. I loved the business idea and the emphasis on values and culture that is so important to JetBlue. Over the years, I have had MANY friends come to JetBlue and every single one loves it here (and now I am excited to be one of them). I couldn’t have made a better decision.

Why did you choose your specific Gateway?

The Instructor Gateway Program allowed me to continue my position as an instructor, while giving me the ability to go out and do what I love so much (flying). My previous training department position in a past company did not allow me that option, and knowing the Instructor Gateway was a possibility at JetBlue made the decision to come here even simpler.

What did you find most challenging about the program; most rewarding?

What I found most challenging about the program was the interview itself. That moment in time was life-changing, and I knew going in how important it would be to show my interviewers who I really am, and not let my nerves get the best of me.

What I find most rewarding about the Gateway program is that I truly get to have the best of both worlds. Because of my job at JetBlue University, I am home most days during the month with my 11 year old son; however, the days I get to go out and fly are a couple of the best days each month! The biggest reward is the security of having a seniority number at JetBlue, and knowing that this is where I want to be for the remainder of my career.

I would tell anyone with even the slightest interest to find out as much information as they can and to pursue any applicable Gateway Program. These programs are an incredible way that JetBlue gives back to its crewmembers, and propels and encourages individuals to further their career.

Tell us what it’s like being a pilot at JetBlue? What do you enjoy most?

The thing I enjoy most about being a pilot at JetBlue is, well, flying. Flying for a company as incredible as JetBlue just makes it that much better. I love the culture at JetBlue, the people and the operation.